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"This is the most comprehensive course on Amazon MSK. It's an incredible time and money-saver for our customers."


Time to get up and running efficiently. In no time, I will ensure you can leverage the Amazon MSK service fully and efficiently

Learn Amazon MSK efficiently today

Amazon MSK is a huge time saver: deploying Apache Kafka on AWS is not an easy task. Yet, even though Apache Kafka is managed by Amazon MSK, you will need to learn how to properly operate it, as well as how to deploy applications against Amazon MSK.


This course was designed by Stephane Maarek in partnership with AWS. The intention was to provide AWS customers an easy and straightforward way to understand the Amazon MSK service. It covers the AWS best practices as well as satellite services that will turn your usage of Amazon MSK into a smooth ride!

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The course offers excellent value for the one time enrolment fee. You will gain full access to the materials, and will save time and money with your Amazon MSK deployments. I'm so confident in the value, I offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

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Stephane Maarek

Stephane is an Apache Kafka expert and an AWS Data Hero. He has taught to over 500,000 students online, and he is thrilled to be your instructor for this course!

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